Sales – Lead Generation

Are you a Service Provider? Manufacturer? Or just looking for new clients?

We offer a unique sales lead generation service designed to enhance your potential customer business database without having to add time or additional staff to your sales force. Delivered in Excel.

We offer 2 programs currently.

100 Business Leads from specific geographical / business type – starting at $250 – one time. This will provide you with the business website, email, phone number, and address - when available. Matters not where geographically you want to find clients. Local or International, we can build you a great list.

Or ongoing programs that will radically increase the amount of inbound calls to your sales department – price to be discussed. With your help, we can create the funnel, contact potential clients to establish a working contact database, communicate on a regular basis offers and announcements, and ultimately start the relationship building process so the new contact gets to know you and the services you provide.

We spent years doing this type of client acquisition work and know how expensive and tedious it is to generate results. Our programs jump right in and do the bulk of the work for you. It used to be yellow pages, type into excel, mail or fax out, cold call, a very lengthy process. And now the next step of communicating with potential clients can start within a few days.