Trump’s Instincts on Prescription Drugs Are Spot On

Trumps Instincts on Prescription Drugs Are Spot On

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Trumps Instincts on Prescription Drugs Are Spot On ^

| August 6, 2019
| Gil Gutknecht

Posted on 08/06/2019 7:35:35 AM PDT by Kaslin

By almost any measure, the drug companies are the most profitable in the world. The “back up the truck” compensation paid to their executives reflect that. They are among the world’s largest advertisers and political donors as well. They hide behind white lab coats. They parade around under the banner of curing diseases for the benefit of all mankind. They conveniently ignore how much of their research is underwritten by Americans through their donations and taxes. 

They then charge those same Americans multiples more than they charge people in the rest of the industrialized world. 

Drug companies only pretend to be strong proponents of free market capitalism. There really is no free market for prescription drugs in the United States. Free markets require price transparency and real competition, which they thwart at every turn. We are left with an ugly, expensive strain of crony capitalism. Products that are critical for life itself are meted out by patent-protected monopolies. Unregulated monopolies inevitably become inefficient and grossly expensive. 

Drug Companies abuse the patent process by filing new patents for even minuscule changes to their original compound. As AstraZeneka did when they used the same active ingredient in Prilosec to produce Nexium. Or they dramatically raise prices after they get new patents for modifying the way a drug is produced, as they’ve done with insulin. Contrary to popular belief, Eli Lilly did not invent the process for purifying insulin. They have, however, profited enormously over the last century. Since they began producing insulin synthetically (with new patents of course) they have nearly tripled the price…to Americans. This has driven more diabetics to go to Canada, where it sells for a fraction of the price.

My core premise is not so much to say shame on the drug companies. Rather it is to say shame on us. We the People, through our elected representatives, have allowed this system to morph and metastasize into the expensive mess we have today. 

It is tragic for those Americans who fall through the cracks. Those who do not have gold plated health insurance plans, including generous drug coverage. Due to the prohibitive costs, those insurance plans are becoming rare. Large co-pays and deductibles are the order of the day. So, more and more Americans are experiencing sticker shock as they struggle to pay for the drugs that they and their families desperately need. 

President Obama promised to do something about this. He didn’t. 

Enter a populist president who really believes in his America First agenda. He owes no allegiance to the all-powerful PhARMA. Even though he appointed the former CEO of Eli Lilly (who’s heart may or may not be in this fight) to head HHS, President Trump has relentlessly pushed this issue on several fronts. Much like his trade battle with China, he knows Americans are being taken to the cleaners and he is not going to stand for it!

Trump persisted. He recently announced that by executive order, he would allow Americans to start buying Rx drugs from Canada. On insulin alone this could save Americans and their insurance carriers billions. When fully implemented, the savings for healthcare could easily top an eye-popping $50 billion every year! 

The same people who become animated over free trade change sides when it comes to prescription drugs. They strongly support importing cheap knockoffs from Communist China. But, free trade must not extend to Rx drugs from Canada. God forbid! Canada has socialized medicine. In truth, the Canadians may be a lot smarter negotiators than we are. They do their homework. They research what it actually costs to develop and test a new drug. They then determine prices that are fair to both the companies and Canadians. It’s not all that arbitrary and it is still quite profitable.

Once again, President Trump’s instincts are spot on. He must press this fight. His persistence will pay big dividends for all Americans.

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posted on
08/06/2019 7:35:35 AM PDT

To: Kaslin

My wife and I are both almost 66. We have not taken any prescription drugs in well over a decade. And when I DID get shoulder surgery and they gave me some really powerful stuff as a pain killer (Ocycontin), I took none of it. It simply didn’t really hurt that much and I didn’t want to mess up my system.

Plus, the street value was way too high. 🙂

posted on
08/06/2019 7:39:17 AM PDT
cuban leaf
(We're living in Dr. Zhivago but without the love triangle)

To: Kaslin

Let the free market capitalists of the medical industrial complex begin their conspicuously biased claims.

Medicine is nearly inelastic to price because it provides life. Thank tricky dick and his buddy george kiaser for allowing it to be for profit across the board. Even the not-for-profits have cashed in now.

posted on
08/06/2019 7:50:31 AM PDT
(We are governed by the consent of the governed and we are fools for allowing it.)

To: Kaslin

I buy an anti-fungal nail gel from my podiatrist. $40 for the 10 ml bottle.

Outrageous you say?

Not so fast. I can order it from Walgreens and potentially have it covered with my Medicare Drug Plan. But there is no guarantee it will be covered and if it isn’t it will cost me $300.

Yes, $300.

I asked the podiatrist how that can possibly justified. All she could offer was that for reasons not known Walgreens did not buy directly from the manufacturer. They had to buy from a third party.

But $300? Give me a break. I handed her the $40 for the 10 ml bottle.

BTW, there 1000 ml in a liter - a bit over a quart. That would yield 100 bottles of my gel.

$4000 per liter at $40.
$30,000 per liter at $300.

What a business.

posted on
08/06/2019 8:01:32 AM PDT
(Ted, you finally endorsed. A)

To: Sequoyah101

Good points, but the flip side of this is that the age-old point about the economics of a highly valued commodity remain true: The ones who complain loudest about its price are the ones who couldn't develop a competing product if you gave them a trillion dollars and 100 years to do it.

This is how you end up with a society of specialized professionals who are totally ignorant about anything outside their areas of expertise -- where the pharmaceutical executive complains about the cost of his legal fees, and the lawyer complains about the cost of his prescription drugs.

posted on
08/06/2019 8:07:22 AM PDT
Alberta's Child
("Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave." -- Frederick Douglass)

To: Kaslin

This is a well written analysis of the Big Pharma scam.

Big Pharma is a major donor to political campaigns and the Congress critters on both sides of the aisle do not want to cut off their ‘sugar daddy’. Which explains why the Congressional RINOs were so reluctant to totally gut Obamacare when they had the opportunity in 2017-18.

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