7 homes destroyed in explosion that shakes London, Ont. | CBC News

Residents in London, Ont., rushed out of homes Wednesday night after police said a vehicle drove into a residence in the city's east end, causing an explosion.

Police believe the explosion was caused by a ruptured gas line. One woman was taken into custody when police arrived on the scene, according to London Police Service Const. Shayna Boland. 

About 15 minutes after her arrest, the house exploded with the flames jumping to neighbouring residences. Seven houses were destroyed. 

Residents confirmed to CBC News the following video showed the explosion: 

Four firefighters were taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries.  

"Nobody is missing and there have been no civilian injuries that have been reported," Boland said. "It is remarkable." 

The crash happened in the area of Dundas Street and Woodman Avenue. Acting Deputy Fire Chief Jack Burt said fire crews were dealing with multiple structure fires overnight and several blocks were evacuated.

"We also have a significant debris field from an explosion that actually goes over more than a block area at this point," he said.

Neighbours quickly came together offering a place to sleep for those told to leave their homes. Others were circulating with water and coffee for those in need.

"I could see sparks exploding over the trees," said Joanne Bishop, a resident in the area. "These are our friends and neighbours so I think people are scared right now."

You could feel the explosion go right through you- Christina Curtis, witness to the explosion

The explosion could be felt in homes blocks away and the sound carried across a large part of the city. 

"There's debris everywhere, windows are shattered. We watched the roof fly higher than the trees on the street. The sound was extremely loud. You could feel the explosion go right through you," said witness Christina Curtis. 

Multiple blocks in the area of the explosion were evacuated leaving people looking for a bed for the night. The City of London did find hotel rooms for many families. (Jeremy Cohn/ CBC News)

With so many people unable to go home, the city of London arranged for hotel rooms for dozens of families. It was still unclear how long the evacuation order would remain in place but some officials suggested it could be days.