That Ain’t Right

We start this series off minding our own business of course Like most of you, work, family, responsibilities, the parent taxi, all keeps us busy. Just keeping all 4 tires on the right road has its challenges. But as time has evolved the World as we know it, our lack of attention to Politics and Business has allowed people with different ideals to move into positions of power that don't quite have the same morals or ethics in some cases. All too often when they go home at night these people leave others struggling just to survive something that they have to deal with through no fault of their own.

Featured Stories

The fight between a BC family and the Provincial Government over land rights. Okanagan Koi.

I first saw a youtube video on facebook about the plight of a BC business and family and their fight with the British Columbia Provincial Government. It was gut wrenching that people could go home and live their lives while they impacted this family in such a massive way. And to take so much time to actually do something. This isn't my Canada. Its not how we do things. It can not really happen here can it? We have Laws and Government to protect us right?

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