Free 30 Second Commercials

Seriously. No charge.

Alberta Businesses have had the boots put to them over the past long while. And we’d like to help. Not just for a few days, but for an entire year. If your business wants to reach clients from across Alberta or even North America – take a few minutes and take advantage of this free offer.

Simply record your 30 second ad, save it as an mp3 file and get it to us. The worst part of this offer is we would like 4 or 5 different ones. Maybe saying the same thing or something quite different, but 5 different ones we could put in our rotation would be ideal.

Maybe you’re growing, so how about a help wanted ad? Maybe you have different services your business offers?  - do one ad for each different service. Let us, help you, remind people who you are and what you do. And this offer is completely free.

We do have the ability to do the recording for you, but there is a charge for that. So, do it yourself and save the money.

There those who ask, why is this free? Our network broadcasts on a platform that increases in cost with every advertising dollar that we air. But it seems like a shame to not help those round us. So…we air commercials – unpaid, we air PSA’s because they are good for our souls, we air information pieces – because we help getting information and possibly solutions out – for free.

Yes, it is true we broadcast around the world over the internet. Yes there are thousands of listeners in markets that might not matter to you. But the bulk of our listeners are Alberta / Canada / USA based.

*** Certain restrictions apply