A Big Thank You

Our HHGRadio.com re-set has been in progress since the beginning of September 2021. To those of you who have supported us along the way – much thanks. Today marks a new beginning, with the same passion, the same determination – that has brought us this far. To the two almost strangers who saw the vision, we dedicate today to you. To the TEAM that helped push this forward kicking and screaming with one hand tied behind our backs, we take this time to acknowledge you and all your efforts. To the old guy who I’m thinking we need to install the lift for, I tip my glass and remind him that today the Party starts.

To see how Alberta and indeed all of Canada, has been affected by this unseen attacker has been heartbreaking to say the least. The Families, The Businesses, The Communities, that have all struggled along doing the best they can. The Youth and Parents who continue to struggle day to day. Our First Responders making sacrifices every day in all facets of their lives – we say Thank You.

Everyone has their favorites style of music – hopefully with our variety we can provide even a few minutes each day of distraction and reflection on more positive times. With our commentary and presentation that pushes for your involvement, we will be focusing on HOPE and calling a spade a spade with solutions as the end goal. But it is the real hard working Albertans we will try and reach each day. But today we make a promise. In thanks for your efforts, support, and your never ending belief in right & wrong, we will be the voice that never stops fighting to make the difference.

“And as the Devil saw me down on one knee, he thought that he had won. That is until he heard me say Amen.”

Author: kirk

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