10 Smart People

Kirk’s Team of 10.

Ya Ya, we could call it your team, we could call it Alberta’s Team. We could call it just about anything. The name doesn’t matter right now. What does matter is this insanity has to stop.

So…. One of the issues facing Albertans is a massive issue in education. Now, this wasn’t decided by me. This was the vocal concern of many contributors. Parents, Educators, Employers, and Students themselves.

So we applied our 10 smart people idea and turned them loose. They were put in a room with all the technology and contacts we could offer and told to simplify the issues and come out with conclusions that could be acted upon. None were educators. None have any formal education experience. But I can confirm, they reached out to many teachers and administrators, along with homeschooling parents, and parents of regular schooling as well.

What was observed is the changes need to go from one end of education to the other.

Human Resources said the youth graduating from University/College/Trade School, barely had the basics. They would prefer a little more practical application and real life understanding as the former students entered the work force. Final Year Educators would have a responsibility to round out the educational experience, but they committed that many students just barely squeeked over the passing line because the standards were set so low. Few failed even though they didn’t reach the passing bar. First year formal educators had much to say about the lack of preparedness that High School graduates came to them with. And this trend worked its way all the way down the line. The education level of someone graduating in Grande Prairie should be the same as someone from Medicine Hat or Red Deer.

Suggested a revamp of expectations. No more passing a student unless the minimum standards were met. No more grading unless earned. Homework needs to be completed. Higher expectations demanded. Reality check – no trophies for participation. Put students where they can push each other. Add more Councilors and supports. Let Teachers Teach. Get them out of the cross walks. Perhaps a Grade 13 to prepare for University. Perhaps Trade or Commerce High Schools. As well as High Schools that focus on higher learning.

Add an ATCO trailer classroom to schools in need of more classrooms. No more penalties added to building contracts where the use of 1 or 2 portables would trigger a new school build.

Class Size – Class too big, cut it in half. Put ½ the students in one class and the other half in the other class. Add a teacher and the necessary supports.

Increased discipline. There was a suggestion that Parents need to serve detention time with their kids. And a further call that administration quit looking the other way when bullying is on the table.

Community Involvement – a semester or three of volunteering or work experience at hospitals or seniors homes.

Increased access and credit for extra curricular activities. On the job training. Working with younger students. Sports, Tutoring.

If this means more teachers, then get them hired and trained already. Seriously look at eliminating student loans by allowing students to serve more rural communities for 4 or 5 years. But eliminate the teachers from spreading social justice messaging without a level of accountability.

More exposure to different industries and employment opportunities. Specifically Nursing, Teaching,, RCMP, Military, and the trades.

Significant cut back in the number of School Boards. We don’t need 50+. 16 or so would do the job quite well. That’s 35ish sets of executive and support staff completely unnecessary to support.

The collective of 10 smart people agreed that most of these are necessary, and the only road block to successful achievement is Provincial Funding. You mean a little effort, a little bit of money, and a determination to fix the issue solves all of these and gives our children a better chance? And tell me why this hasn’t been corrected already?

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