Building a Team for change

We are a little over a year from now to the usual Provincial election cycle. And you know and I know, it’s a 2 horse race of the lesser of 2 Evils. We both also know that just before the election, both of the Evil ones will be bringing forward some giveaways. They always do. Whether the deliver or not is beside the point. What needs consideration is “who is going to bring forward the changes that we really need to get moving in the right direction?” would like to invite you to participate not only in our broadcasts via text at 1-833-615-4132 or via email at – but also in person in a scheduled series of focus groups here in our studio in Leduc.

Not only will we discuss the issues, but each focus group will be asked to identify what they consider to be the solutions for Alberta moving forward. At a later date we will expand these focus groups to different Regions around the Province. Input from all Albertans who are affected by Alberta’s current state of affairs. All of which cumulating in a collective agreement that we as one voice and one team can bring forward to direct change. Focus Group meetings will be scheduled in the evenings during the week or Saturday mornings depending on the volume of participants who sign up. With a schedule to be posted in the near future.

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