Time To Get Active

Good Morning Alberta and to friends around the World.

This is your invitation to be part of the solution to the insanity we call Alberta Politics. While the craziness is not unique to Alberta, HHGRadio.com will be sharing thoughts and inviting your input to identifying the real issues and discussing some viable solutions to putting Alberta back on track.

Education, Health Care, Justice – almost everything has significant issues within – and they need fixing. We were cautioned that these are not systemic issues more Political issues. So we ask, what role will you play? Will you simply let the existing powers that be continue to destroy Alberta or will you lend your voice, and expertise to making change.

Join The Conversation.

Politics is dirty. Politicians have lost the trust of Albertans. Why? And what can be done to renew the faith of Albertans in their elected officials? These and many other topics will be brought forward in the coming weeks.

Change is not only needed but essential to a strong and vibrant Alberta that we can believe in once more. But how can this be accomplished?

During our show you can participate via text at 1-833-615-4132 or via email at ontheair@hhgradio.com

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