And Now What Do We do?

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The Canadian Charter of Rights. Signed by 9 Provinces and the Prime Minister. The most important document in the history of Canada. Why? Because it applies to you and I equally. It identifies that every individual is unique. And the Charter acknowledges every unique person which means EVERY person. Every Canadian. It stops there. It doesn’t say every Brit, or American. They have their own rights in their own Country. But in Canada…. Every Canadian person has the same rights in the eyes of the law.

It says that every Canadian has Freedom of expression. Not sometimes…. All the time. Freedom of conscience, freedom of Religion, and freedom of the Press. Freedom to associate, freedom to assemble.

Now before I choke to death thinking about that and how things are today… This is from the most important document, legal document in Canada. Who decided to allow these Rights to be ignored? “No group gathering larger then 5/10 people. Social distancing.” Pretty sure that is law across the Country. “I’m offended”. There’s even a Federal Minister who has the power to make decisions on what is offensive without a Court of Justice or due process. But most important of these few – is freedom to think what you think without fear of indoctrination by the Government or the Press.

You also have the right to travel anywhere in Canada, at any time. And even leave the Country….at any time. Canadians have the right to pursue a livelihood anywhere you want in this Country. Yet some inside and outside the Government are taking our jobs away. Hello…Oil Patch? This is the Charter calling. You have the freedom to drill and do business and the Government….any Canadian Government, does not have the Right to impose restrictions on you getting the Oil to market.

You have the Right to life, liberty and….the security of person. No one is allowed to make decisions on your body unless you agree. Get the jab, don’t get the jab – that’s your choice. Liberty – do people even remember what that means? being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views

Every person is equal before the law. Justin Trudeau, Jason Kenny. I guess if you get to skate by, then Hookers & Blow for everyone. What is a little bribery or WHO payoff between friends? That’s not what is Canadian. In Canada there is supposed to be right & wrong. Lawful and unlawful. This is not about who can afford the best lawyer, or release because of court system backups, or decisions that are of Political or Cultural. You break the law, the punishment is the same across the board.

Group rights, Lobby group rights disguises your rights as an individual. As an individual, you come first. The groups come second. Im sorry… but if you are a minority or a special interest group, your rights as an individual come before your rights as a group. And these rights don’t negate mine.

If there are circumstances that change our Charter. 4 things. Demonstrably justify… by law. New circumstance = new law. So let’s talk about. Contrary to popular opinion, as proven with a number of FOIPA requests, AHS, The Alberta Health Minister, Dr. Deena Hinshaw – prior to announcing ANY restrictions had zero evidence in writing to help make their decision. In fact their decision was based on a phone call from the World Health Organization. When asked for the documents/research to verify or prove their findings as supplied by the WHO. ZERO were ever provided. Demonstrably justify….from a phone call? We are going through all of this from information passed over by a phone call?

Reasonable limits…consistent with a free and democratic society. Walmart and Costco are open but small business is not. What the….??? Bars and Restaurants have limits – have you seen how close people pass by others at the local COSTCO? Truckers who sit in the cab of a truck all day literally – and they are your concern? Dire war or insurrection makes sense. Virus 99% survival. Doesn’t meet the criteria.

Understanding our History… not denying it. Not changing it, not apologizing for something you and I didn’t do. We know nothing of the circumstances of the time. And nor were we part of any decision making. We are responsible for here and now. Omar Khadr is worth $10.5M? Really?

But there are legal documents that are our reality that are false. If COVID is attached to a medical, then the Doctor, Hospital, or Health Board gets more money. Can you identify something more likely to have conflict of interest all over it? Trust them? About money?

The Canadian Charter of Rights – those rights were guaranteed under law. So what do we do to get them back and punish those who attempt to take them away or profit from their removal?

Join Our Team and let’s get to taking our RIGHTS back. Because its the law. And our Rights, not someone else’s.

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