We have to ask…. what the heck are you thinking? Who’s agenda are you really working for?

You want to get behind a cause? How about Justice? You know, something you have intimate knowledge of. Something where you see every day the impact of the “catch & release” insanity. As a sitting lawyer, a Crown Prosecutor in fact, you of all people have seen the terrible pathway our Justice system is going down. You would know what to do. Who needs to make changes. Who to see to get those changes started is likely on your rolodex. Now that would be a real Public Servant.

How about as a representative of the citizens of Leduc? You have read the Veritas Report. In fact you are named in the Veritas Report. The things you could say or do to help the Justice process or the accountability or even the transparency. You know what can and needs to be done.

And is this where you spend your efforts? NO.

We read your bio and all the hand picked committees. Wow.

This is before you were elected. Showing you feelings….

Even your participation in the Downtown Business Association, as a sitting Councilor, you make jokes about the horrible disgusting things outlined in the Veritas report.

Even the report itself. You had to know how big of an issue the claims are. And what have you done?