About Us

HHGRadio is a division of Cayer Broadcasting Incorporated.

HHGRadio initially started as a collaboration between three generations of Cayers. It evolved and adjusted since 1998, grew through the technological advances that have come with streaming, music licensing, compression and connection issues. It has been a great journey to where it is today. Originally the station was created for Games/Entertainment, it morphed into a local community radio station, and morphed again.

Today you will hear that we have morphed again. A collection of different content hoping to garner the participation of a wider range of listener. Listeners who still enjoy great music, and yes Regional, National, and International news, regional weather, sports, even some traffic reporting during the assorted weather changes that effect Albertans. We are hoping to add some Christian based broadcasting and even some hard core real conversation about today’s issues.

If you listen to our broadcasts we think its because you found a good mix of entertainment and opinion. And we will attempt to be clear when we are reporting the news versus when our hosts are stating their own opinion. These opinions are theirs and the station itself may or may not share the same opinion. And if you don’t like the opinion feel free to change the station but come back later as we may have something you like more.

Speaking of news. News is supposed to be about the facts. We will attempt to be strict in our delivery. Facts only. Interpretations or slants to drive the listener to a forgone outcome is not the plan. That slant is left to opinion pieces that will be label and promoted as such.