Advertising On The App

Once you log in to your account, with the click of a few buttons you can upload or make changes to your advertisement.

This will allow App holders to view and comment to you directly.

The total cost for your monthly Ad is Regularly $495 but for now until the end of the year – $295.

The best part of this pricing is as long as you maintain your subscription, your pricing does not change.

Bang for your buck!

It’s Tuesday. Business is kind of slow.

Click a button or two and create an offer with a QR code. Let’s say “Until 9pm it’s buy one get one free”. Or “Enjoy this 15% discount until 7pm”.

In almost an instant, every one with notifications “on” will receive your offer. And if the offer is what they want, boom, you have traffic.

This is an ad-on to the starting package ONLY.

Cost – an additional $100 per month on subscription. * Limit to 4 QR promotions per month.

SMS messaging we control 100%.

Each week, we create a message that includes all the clients and their offers.

Basically a highlight reel of offers that our clients have created. Maybe it’s BOGO or 15% off, or even just a Lunch Special – we will figure it out and get it to those with the App on their phones.

BUT… there is no cost to you.

To summarize:

Leduc County Ads on the HHG Radio App Regular Price $495 per month. Book from today until December 31, 2023 – $295 per month on a subscription, and keep that price for all of 2024.

QR Coupons – Are only as an Ad-on. Cost is $100 per month to your existing subscription ONLY.

And SMS messaging, 4Xs a month – is at no cost to our existing subscription customers.

We believe that 500-5,000 people who are actually interested and want to know about our clients is much better then just throwing offers out there to 30,000 people in random hope that you reach a new customer. The trick for us together will be A- people actually valuing your offer, B – us actually getting enough people to download the App.

You see, we believe that the App is the greatest sales tool of our lifetime. But the trick is using it right. So we have developed some very interest parts of our App that we think will engage those in Leduc County and elsewhere. Now it’s a matter of testing these components to get the right mix. And obviously, we are motivated.

If you thought that was it, you would be wrong.

A new community magazine featuring participating advertisers. Black & white except for the covers. Over 1,000 copies delivered to retailers in the area. And that number will grow.

Small, Regular, and Big Daddy advertisements depending on your appetite. Readers can touch and feel the ads, and be drawn in by some of the articles, games, and contests. But the focus each month will be to inform about the offers and try and convince people there is justification to download the HHG Radio App.

Pricing for this is an ad-on as well. Our Community Magazine can only be advertised in by those who are existing subscription based clients.

You supply the ad in black & white digital pdf or png format.

Small 95wx130h is = (coming soon)

Regular 190w x 130h – (coming soon)

Big Daddy (Large) 190w x 260h – (Coming Soon)

And lastly… for even more value

We are adding free 30 second ads for every subscription.

6 ads per day, 7 days per week.

No extra charge.

Phone number

If you have decided to go forward with your subscription, click on the link below to select your choice of ad and get the process started.