I ask the question. Do you believe in our legal system? I mean, do you believe our Legal system operates as intended? Is it just? Fair? Impartial? Equal? Accountable?
To me this is the single most important issue facing Albertans today. Tell me I’m wrong.
Criminals have almost no fear of the system. Long delays in the court system leaving them out to continue their actions. Punishments that allow them free before the ink is dry. And if you can afford a good lawyer you might not even see the inside of a court room.

Bureaucrats instructing the Courts on how to weigh evidence? WTH? Just remember this. Trudeau himself was involved in a criminal case where he had full knowledge of a Saudi Prince being plied with hookers and cocaine in order to secure a building contract for a firm in Quebec. Remember SNC Lavelin? Or even stranger. An arbitration board loaded with Government appointees. You can’t believe they are given zero instructions? And how about all these new laws that have little adjustments that protect Politicians and Bureaucrats from criminal or civil prosecution? Everything from the Hippocratic Oath sworn by Doctors, to fiduciary responsibility of these same bureaucrats – and all protected by some new law that absolves them of responsibility.

Sure….although our first responsibility is to make sure we have enough Doctors and Nurses to handle Albertans medical issues, let’s just cut nursing staff by more then 50% yet keep all the paper pushers. We’ve had more then one Health Minister from more then one Party since 2018. Look at the numbers released by the Nurses Union. Nurses in Alberta down more then 50%. But the AHC/AHS budgets haven’t decreased one cent.
And look at the contract signed by the Doctors and WCB. If a Doctors opinion is overturned by WCB then the Doctor has to repay what they received from WCB. I would imagine that is why so many doctors change their diagnosis to fit WCB. Wouldn’t you call that conflict of interest?
And don’t even get me started on the civil courts. Filing more and more paperwork just because one side can’t afford the legal fees to have each piece of paperwork defended by their lawyer. This is not Justice.
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