For all the NDP supporters, have at it. Support away. But please never fail to remember the NDP did not ever win an election based on platform or leadership. They won specifically to get rid of the PCs whose time had come for countless reasons.
For all the UCP supporters, glad you got yourself a new Leader. But never for a second think you have won the hearts of Albertans. IF… and only IF you are elected there is but one reason. You are the lesser of two evils. And that should scare the heck out of everyone.

And don’t, for even a second, think I’m selling an existing Party not named NDP or UCP as having a chance to win the next election.
In the following weeks we will have a series of shows going into detail about what exactly the NDP did and subsequently the UCP. None of which is earth shattering or resulted in any type of significant gain for Albertans.

Autonomy for Albertans!!! Independence!! What a crock! We are already entitled to that which our Government is about to fight for. Every Province is. It’s just whether or not they are prepared to stand up and get to work reclaiming the rights they have systematically passed over. This has nothing to do with the priorities of Albertans. Nothing. So don’t let yourselves get distracted by the pretty talking points being sold to you.
Fear mongering, bait and switch, almost every single thing you have been getting in your news feed is designed to lessen the talking and passion on the actual serious problems needing change.
The good news is – I’m open to being proven wrong. The bad news is, there is no way in my eyes YOUR measuring stick can honestly support either Party.
Join the discussion. Together we can make change.