About Us

HHGRadio.com is part of one of the audio broadcasting arms of Cayer Broadcasting Incorporated.

A true Family endeavour, this project has spanned more then 20 years and three generations in a number of different forms. A non traditional series of platforms, internet broadcasting has turned to be a significant tool for Communications, Entertainment, & Information.

HHGRadio.com is first and foremost for Entertainment purposes. You enjoy the music, you will come back. You enjoy the conversation, you will come back. You enjoy the games & fooling around, we hope you tell 2 friends and return often. But if you don’t enjoy something, or even how we present ourselves – we will miss you.

Is it true? Yes, it is – we do not charge for our 30 second ads. Maybe someday, but right now Business needs all the help they can get. So, many wonder how we make our money. You will notice we have the odd show sponsor, email in box sponsor, text line sponsor and at different times Business Profiles. Those are paid functions and of course we take donations.

Donations are always welcome

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